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Our Client Stories

Our practice began a multi-specialty clinic a couple of years ago, and we were facing a steep learning curve in attempting to develop a winning growth strategy for the group.  Based on the reputation of the specialists at Healthcare 360, we chose to give them a call and request an appointment.  After our second meeting we were firmly convinced that partnering with Healthcare 360 was the right move for us. 


Healthcare 360 provided us with several deliverables uniquely crafted for our situation. They developed a business plan for our multi-specialty clinic, interviewed and hired new physicians for our growth strategy, and developed physician compensation packages.  In addition, Healthcare 360 designed a transition plan for the integration of additional providers for billing, collections and patient marketing. 

Healthcare 360 exceeded all our expectations and they were able to complete the entire plan in less than 10 months.  We now have a practice that is generating 220% more revenue than prior to our relationship and are very satisfied with the outlook for our future.


I had been in private practice for 14 years when I finally became fed up with my existing system and decided to look into Electronic Medical Records.  I was referred to 360 Healthcare by another doctor whose opinion I respect.  I met with one of 360’s specialists and I was very impressed by his knowledge and sincere desire to help me find the right service for my practice.  After the demo I decided to ask him several questions regarding billing challenges my practice was having.  The answers he provided were thoughtful and showed an expert level of understanding of my problems.  We scheduled a follow up meeting, which turned into a complete strategy session!  After a couple of meetings I made the choice to become a full service client of 360.  Now they handle all of my billing, strategic and technology management. I began by searching for an answer to one problem, and I found a solution that streamlined my entire practice!


My group found the experts at Healthcare 360 in 2013.  When we first began discussions with 360, we were only interested in meeting our needs for operational management.  We have a large group with multiple locations across Las Vegas and we were in the process of losing our administrator.  For years our practice had been very busy, but somehow had never managed to do much more than break even each year.  After several meetings with one of their specialists we realized how much opportunity we had been missing in our practice.  We quickly made the decision to partner with Healthcare 360, and they took on the management of our entire practice from billing to operations and administration. 


Within the first few months we saw an immense improvement.  One of the first things Healthcare 360 implemented for us was a cash flow policy within our group. With this new process, we made the sad discovery that a long term employee within our organization had been stealing from us for years. In addition to assisting us with this delicate matter, 360 introduced an advanced billing process that added an astounding 9% to our gross monthly collections! With a new compliance program, multiple vendor realignment improvements, and a new technology strategy, we were able to fully embrace the development of existing strategic ideas.  Today our group is highly profitable and we are finally able to focus on the bright future we all knew was ahead of us.  I would gladly recommend Healthcare 360 to anyone who is interested in maximizing the potential of their practice.

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