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 Healthcare IT  

Working collaboratively with our clients, we provide technology solutions that heighten operational performance and that create sustainable processes while enhancing revenues.  Our experts have high levels of acumen in the latest technology in healthcare.

Technology Planning and Integration Services

Optimized healthcare technology is a significant opportunity for efficiency and associated cost savings. It can be a big investment. Therefore, it is critical that it be done right. Healthcare360 consultants are industry leaders in this area, and will work to ensure that you get a return on your investment. Our consultants can leverage your team's effort in all stages of a system's lifecycle.

This includes:

  • EMR Evaluation, Implementation

  • Business Intelligence Reporting

  • Primary Strategic Development

  • Implementation Planning

  • Implementation & Roll Out

  • Continuous Optimization

  • Vendor Management

  • Upgrades

  • Decommissioning Older or Outdated Equipment

We match industry best practices with your needs. We have technologists that are expert in the integration of multiple technologies. Phones, Copiers/Imagining, Diagnostics, Hardware and Software Solutions. Healthcare360 project managers, subject matter experts, analysts and trainers all have one goal in mind--to hit the ground running and make your project a success.

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